Watamu Marine National Park

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The spectacular fishing-town of Watamu is mainly defined by water activities. It’s hard for anyone not to notice the white sand beaches and offshore coral formations featured within the Watamu shoreline. This small coastal town gives dwelling to many bays and beaches, including Garoda beach, Turtle bay, Watamu bay, jacaranda beach, and Kanani reef, among many others.

This tourist destination swells up with tourists traveling to enjoy the aesthetic maritime activities of snorkeling and diving. It does not come as a surprise when a beach providing a bountiful of crystal clear water and unique beaches is rated as Africa’s’ third-best beach destination.

8 Unique Things to Do In Watamu

Go Big Game Fishing

Do not leave before exploring the thrill of these fishing grounds. Enjoy the wide variety of fantastic fishing opportunities that are recognized worldwide. We will ensure that you interact with some of the world’s best-skilled skippers/fishermen and give you a complete luxurious adventure with the waters.

Sail down on a Traditional Dhow

How else will you end a whole day of thrilling activities in Watamu if not by sailing down the Mida creek on one of the few existing traditional shows? Better still, you can spice this up by bringing your favorite delicacies onboard and sail down this creek that stretches into the Arabuko Sokoke Forest.

Explore the Indigenous Gedi Ruins

Have you heard of the famous 12th century Gedi Ruins that were mysteriously abandoned more than 500 years ago? We have created the perfect opportunity for you to explore these ruins that are now a national museum with densely grown, alluring native forest trees. Bring your best friends along for an adventurous walk and look out for the unique animals’ existing here.

Dolphin Spotting

This is the ideal place to chill, relax, and enjoy watching dolphins. Watamu not only gives shelter to a huge variety of migratory birds, sea turtles, and fish, it is also a natural harborage for the dolphin community. Africa Calling Safaris is your ideal way to watch the unique dolphins as they party, eat, and play safely without any distractions.


Your Watamu bucket list must be full because this place has a whole range of thrilling activities that leaves you spoilt for choice. Marine Park in Watamu is the best place for you to go snorkeling. You will best enjoy this spectacular activity during the low tides. We will guide you safely with the best snorkeling gears.

Delicious Sea Food

Almost everyone else is talking about the good Swahili Seafoods served in Watamu. If you listen in on the talks of Watamu tourists, you will realize that most will be discussing who ate what last night and what they will eat tonight. We let you discover these ideal sea dishes including, crab, shrimp, lobster, crayfish, and pawn.


Forget the busy office work, forget the stress of your daily routine for a while, and enjoy this fantastic sport. You won’t just enjoy the adequate wind and flat waters from a distance. We will help you enjoy an excellent surfing time on the water together with your family and close friends.

If you are a lover of great meals and you love the thrill of adventure, Watamu is your ideal tourist destination. It is no doubt that tourists flock Watamu for its spectacular fishing games and exquisite water activities. There is so much to explore in this place, and if you are a first-timer, you can begin with the Watamu National Marine Park to spark your thrill!

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