Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Queen Elizabeth National Park is a very famous tourist destination in Uganda. It offers a stunning view as it stretches from Lake George towards Lake Edward. The Kazinga Channel joining the two lakes is a part of this magnificent park. Prepare to be stunned by volcanic landscapes of volcanic cones and extensive craters with huge crater lakes.

What will blow your mind is the varied massive population of wildlife that dwells here, including tree-climbing lions. This National Park not only shelters the African buffalo, leopard, hippos, bush elephant, Ugandan kob, and the Nile crocodile but also harbours over 90 mammals and way beyond 400 bird species.

Unique Things You Must Do in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Epic Game Drives

Africa Calling Safaris will indulge you in a picturesque game drive. During this exhilarating activity, you will get an opportunity to view varied wildlife that dwells in this national park at its best. Game drives are scheduled to happen in the mornings when tourists are more energetic and ready to be thrilled. This is the best opportunity to see elephants, warthogs, leopards, and giant forest hogs, to mention a few.

Go on a Boat Trip

Tourists surely enjoy an adventurous boat trip at the long Kazinga channel joining Lake Edward to Lake Josh. While on this trip, listen closely to the alluring aquatic life as it happens under the waters. Even a distracted eye will catch a glimpse of hippos plunging in the waters, swimming fish, and basking crocodiles.

Encounter with the locals

Relax and enjoy thrilling cultural dances by very energetic locals. Please have a chat with them or better still, engage with them and learn a few skills of harvesting salt on Lake Katwe. What will take your breath away are the traditional huts of Banyaraguru.

Watch the tree-climbing lions

Have you ever seen a lion climb a tree? If no, this is your opportunity to watch not just one or two but many lions climbing acacia and fig trees. For reasons unbeknownst to humans, lions of Ishasha prefer to take shelter upon the trees. This mysterious lion behavior has drawn lots of tourists to this side of the national park.

Chimpanzee Trekking

The northern side of QENP is called Kyambura Gorge popularly recognized as the Valley of Apes. This is a specific home of chimpanzees that are accustomed to existing naturally with humans. This is not only a harbour for chimpanzees. Natural rivers flow peacefully on this side, colourful butterflies, baboons and red-tailed monkeys also prefer to dwell here, creating a marvellous view and you will be glad you brought your camera.

All activities mentioned above are the most active and exciting ways to explore and enjoy your trip to the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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