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This remote tourist destination in Ethiopia combines culture, tradition, and unique terrain to entertain its visitors. At a time when the world is quickly accepting civilization, the locals here have remained completely unchanged. What will drop is your jaw when you set your eyes on the skillful body paints, hair smeared with mud and butter, and extravagant ochre mud caps molded by the locals. If you are searching for pure natural beauty, with wildlife that is still very wild and a peaceful place almost forgotten with a scarcity of tourists, search no further than The Omo Valley.

Things You Must Know Before Visiting the Omo Valley

Meet the Indigenous Locals

Meeting and indulging with the indigenous locals here is the main motivation behind most tourist trips. There is no other place in the world with locals who have upheld their ancestors’ traditional ways of lives with such keenness and earnestness than the locals here. Touring the Omo Valley takes you back to hundreds of years behind and you will not find traces of the 21st anywhere. You will especially be amazed by their native rituals, lifestyles, and strong skills for survival in this harsh, arid place.

Mountainous Terrain

As you make your way to the Omo Valley, you will not be spared the scorching environment here. We won’t promise you a smooth ride to this almost forgotten part of Ethiopia. It will be an adventurous one, with bumpy unforgiving mountains to overcome. Which is on point because, how on earth else would you enjoy a journey to the most rural and tropical place in Africa?


Deep in the Omo Valley are luxurious tourist lodges awaiting you. On the other hand, our team of experts is skilled to prepare you appropriate mobile-camps with every essential required in place. These camps will be set up closer to the villages to allow tourists a better engagement with the locals. This way, you will enjoy watching a skillful dance in front of a bonfire in the late evening.


Any tourist who has visited the Omo Valley know that carrying your fully-charged cameras is an essential part of the trip. Deep in the Omo Valley lives the most breathtaking indigenous people of Africa. Their unique traditional outfits made out of animal skins and decorated with feathers, shells, and beadwork accessories will awe you. Their faces, so artistically painted, hairs braided and smeared with red clay. Not forgetting the women who put on big lip plates and much stretched ear lobes.

Dust Storms

Tourists to the Omo Valley can expect to encounter harsh dust storms that are insanely strong enough to push you away.

The Omo Valley is one of the very few ethnic diverse places still existing in the world. Although still very rare with tourists, many who know about it are visiting to witness these pure ancient communities as no one truly knows for how much longer this honor will last.

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