Nyungwe Forest National Park

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Nyungwe Forest National Park is situated on the southwestern side of Rwanda. This vast area of mountain rain-forest spreads out to border Kibira National Park to the south and Lake Kivu to the west. It features numerous animals, including a quarter of Africa’s primate species, over 270 types of birds, more than a thousand plant species, beyond 85 kinds of mammals, and numerous amphibians and reptile species.

6 Unique Things to See and Do in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Go out for a Canopy Walk

Nyungwe Forest is East Africa’s most preserved rain-forest. Exploring through the 200meters long trails, 50 meters above the rain-forest cover gives tourists a high chance of discovering all the forest’s impressive settings from a birds-eye view. This two-hour walk that gives an appealing view from the top requires great precaution, and for safety measures, only children above six years of age are allowed.

Forest Hiking

Hiking lovers won’t be disappointed with visiting here. There are 13 different hiking routes that give a breathtaking view of the park and 8 hours of hiking with no trace of the city life. Tourists can expect to see a multitude of animal, plant, and bird species. Colorful butterflies will also be spotted all over the park, and each route gives a unique view and hiking experience. Africa Calling Safaris will organize an ideal hiking safari for tourists, and it is essential to note that hiking through all the 13 trails takes days to finish.

Go Chimpanzee Trekking

A quarter of Africa’s primate species find shelter in this national park. We will guide tourists through the numerous trails designated for chimpanzee trekking. This thrilling activity is scheduled to begin at 5 am with groups of a maximum of eight members each. While on it, tourists will be entertained by many wandering animals. The soul-stirring sites of chimpanzees cuddling their little ones, cracking nuts open using stones, grooming, and cleaning each other will keep you going. Dress warmly and wear firm hiking shoes if you want to catch up with these close relatives of humans because this rain-forest can be very slippery, cold, and we expect a downpour anytime.

Go Columbus Monkey Trekking

There are many monkey species in this national park. Keep an eye out for special species of L’Hoest Monkeys, Mona Monkeys, Owl-Faced Monkeys, and the Blue Monkey. A licensed guide should be able to take you through all the 13 trails and point out to you the different monkeys that harbor here.

Go out for an Epic Bird Walk

This national park is home to over 300 species of birds. It is one of the best tourist destinations for bird viewing in Rwanda. Exploring through the park with us will give you a chance to catch even the rarest species of birds, including the red-breasted sparrow hawks and mountain-masked apalis, among others.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is very rich in biodiversity and has plenty to offer each tourist. Accommodations, including the best and unique lodges, await you.

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