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It’s almost impossible to picture Tanzania without thinking of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The highest mountain in Africa with its unique cones: Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. This is the perfect tourist destination for people who love the intersection of adventure, entertainment, deep travel and enjoy the thrill of life. It is a primary entertainment area for anyone touring Kilimanjaro National Park.

Though the glaciers and icefields on the mountain are slowly shrinking, you will quickly notice that life is everywhere in the lower area of Mt.Kilimanjaro. Elephants, cape buffaloes, zebras, warthogs, leopards, bushbucks, and dik-diks exist together.

7 Most Unique Things You Should Do at Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mountain Climbing

Like many other visitors, once you see the Kilimanjaro Mountain, your legs will itch to climb it. While climbing the mountain by yourself is prohibited, we will ensure you have a licensed guide who will be with you all through. There are over five routes to choose from, including Marangu Route and Machame Route that take more than five days to get over to the summit.

Watch the Wildlife

Once the sun breaks through the crowds; you will get to see numerous wildlife that flocks this national park, both big and small animals. A land with an altitude that is slightly higher than sea level, you might need some adjusting in order to breathe normally. For the fearless, you will need to bring along an armed ranger to get deeper into the moorland, seeing as danger from large animals like leopards lurk here.

Trek the Mountain

Grab a friend and trek through one of the many Kilimanjaro routes. Africa Calling Safaris will leave you with numerous experiences of the Kilimanjaro National Park that you’ll not find anywhere else. We will pedal with you through the mountain, to the best viewpoints as we interact with the very welcoming native villagers.

Go Hiking

Hiking tours are frequent here. We let you enjoy a safe hike on the lower mountainsides surrounding the Shira Plateau. These hikes are not as smooth as you may think, you will encounter many steep trails, rough rocky places, and massive tree roots, it is at least in part because how else can you enjoy a hike if it doesn’t come with some challenges for you to overcome?

Take a Visit to the Chala Crater Lake

You heard that right, a crater lake! Do not leave the Kilimanjaro National Park until you have visited Lake Chala. You will find it towards the edge of the Mountain, inside a crater. It is a primary tourist destination in this park for its sparkling water that varies in color from emerald green to turquoise.

Go Marathon-Running

There is so much to do here. You can be a part of the Kilimanjaro marathon that happens every late February or early March. This marathon begins at the road that runs to Dar, through Mweka before heading to Moshi. You don’t get to go through the National Park, but the exhaustion you get out of this marathon is enough for a day.

Go Horse-riding

Then, there is horse riding that is organized at the Makoa Farm in the West of Kilimanjaro Wildlife Management Area. While at it, you can choose accommodation in either the permanent camps, mobile camps, or the farmhouse accommodations that are located next to the Kilimanjaro Forest Reserve.

When touring Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is best if you explore many other surrounding tourist destination sites and extend out your fun spots.

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