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Before you go anywhere else in Tanzania, stop at Mafia Island. Turquoise blue water, plenty of coral reefs, aquatic life including sharks and sea turtles, soft powdery sand, and a beach of your dreams. Mafia Island is undoubtedly one of the best islands in Tanzania, and it is a part of Tanzania’s Mafia Archipelago. Located between Rufiji Delta and the Indian Ocean, this island is one of the best tourist destinations there is in Tanzania.

5 Unique Reasons Why Tourists Must Visit Mafia Island.

Go swimming with the Sharks

Mafia Island is home to the Whale Shark. What’s more interesting is the fact that you can go swimming with them when you visit here. These breathtaking spotted water creatures frequent this island all year round. It is interesting to note that most of them are male, and they like to feed on plankton. Fear not for this huge, scary fish is entirely harmless and will not disturb you while you snorkel or swim around them; in fact, they will ignore your presence.

Go on a Vacation in This Remote Island

A good vacation is all about having some peaceful, enjoyable undisturbed time. Africa Calling Safaris will get you exactly that on this quiet island that is located on the southernmost part and is still as pure as possible with an impression of no civilization. You will love the plenty of vegetation, palms, and fruit trees where life exists as monkeys, antelopes, and bush babies will be jumping around while butterflies color the whole place.

Go Snorkeling

While on your trip here, we will help you have the best experience of distinctive snorkeling and scuba diving that you will live to talk about. You will dive deep into the extensive ocean waters and watch marine life, and exotic water sceneries move all around you. You will be overwhelmed as you watch in awe, everything that happens under these cool waters from the different fishes, Malabar groupers, barracudas, dolphins, the reefs, and so much more.

Interact with the Locals

Africa Calling Safaris brings you to a people who genuinely enjoy their culture of basket weaving, fishing, and farming. You will interact with these friendly locals who always have a smile for you and hear how they have managed to uphold their culture while keeping off capitalism to date.

Best customized Beach Lodgings

Once the sun goes down, ensure to sleep in one of these distinct, intimate lodgings. They are all tailored in the most unique way you have ever seen and so careful as to maintain that traditional island culture. The simplicity of thatched roofing and furniture built out of cane and wrought iron makes you enjoy the island ambiance with an African spell all around you.

Mafia Island is a good place for tourists to spend their holiday or a vacation from the noisy world. Take time to enjoy the varied luxurious accommodations, sunbathing in the white sand, swimming, scuba diving, and exploring so many pure treasures that are hidden here.

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