Lake Chamo

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Located in the terrain of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley, Lake Chamo is surrounded by mountains and rich vegetation. The northern shore of lake Chamo stretches into Nechisar Park. Most tourists come for trips here for its splendid views, where you can see plain savannahs and numerous mountain ranges. A visit to this Lake will come with a chance to take pictures of Nile perch, Hippopotamus, and catfish. You will particularly love the huge number of Nile Crocodiles that harbor here.

Best Things to See and Do at Lake Chamo

Nechisar National Park

The northern shores of Lake Chamo stretch to Nechisar National Park. This region is inhabited by big numbers of zebras that dwell in the vast savannahs and you will love the scenic view.

Monster Crocodiles

Lake Chamo is home to some of the largest crocodiles on earth. Exploring through this place brings you closer to the world’s monster crocodiles some of which are a size of 18 feet and 7 inches. The biggest Nile Crocodiles ever documented by hunters and scientists have come from this lake.

Crocodile Market

The shores of River Chamo are a good place for tourists to watch crocodiles as they bask in the sun. These shores are popularly known as the crocodile market and can be accessed by both road and plane. A boat trip to the market will be accompanied by encounters with healthy hippos, a variety of fish, and beautiful pelicans. For a good amount of time, crocodiles lay very safely and you can get close to them.

Lake Chamo is one of the very interesting tourist destinations in Ethiopia. Many tourists come here to enjoy the impressive display of giant crocodiles, hippopotamus, and pelicans.

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