Danakil Depression

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You will find the Danakil Depression in the bare, desert area of the Horn of Africa. It resulted from a divergence of the old African plate and is the northernmost part of the Afar Triangle in Ethiopia. This is a major tourist destination for the daring and adventurous. The volcanic activity occurring here makes it the hottest place on earth. This heat consequently burns the air present, consuming all oxygen and leaving behind deadly gases. Tourists are only allowed access to certain parts of this ‘gateway to hell’ and for a short-safe period.

Unique Activities at the Danakil Depression

Visit the Erta Ale Lake

Most people who have visited this place will tell you that this is the harshest place on earth. In fact, travelers have referred to it as a ‘gateway to hell.’ It is believed to be the most alienated place on earth. Visiting here will reward you with the rare opportunity of seeing the world’s oldest lava lake, Erta Ale. It is the lowest-lying volcano in the world. Tourists love to come here and enjoy a very exclusive and mesmerizing view of an active volcano as rocks slowly molten away. What could possibly be keeping you from enjoying a scary adventure and hiking for hours through steepening curves, and camping close to the active volcano lake at the end of the day?

Meet the Salt Miners

The Danakil Depression is home to the toughest workers on earth, the salt miners. Being the hottest and one of the lowest places in the world, only a very small number of people can comfortably survive here. The salt miners travel long distances by camels towards Lake Afar. Only to spend hours and hours in the extremely hot region extracting salt from the surface of the lake, with no shelter from the scorching sun. And the only breaks being to take gulps of water from their old bottles.

Interact with the Locals

This place is certainly the most remote, arid, hottest, and harshest to live on earth. However, the local nomadic communities here somehow manage to thrive through these tough conditions. You think that’s fascinating? Hear this, they thrive everywhere in the Danakil, in the scariest inhospitable places where you least expect humans. For this reason, they are considered the toughest humans on earth.

Take a Stroll through the Acidic Pools and Sulfurous Hot Springs

A lover of science fiction movies will appreciate this place. From the hot sulfur springs. Salt mountains, to the acidic pools, the Danakil has numerous to offer. It is a top tourist destination for anyone looking to be thrilled and challenged by Mother Nature. You will feel as though you just landed in a new place, hell to be specific, for you will not be spared from the harsh heat being emitted by the scorching sun above and the hot springs below. But you love to overcome challenges, don’t you? Good because this place is ready for you. Like many other travelers, you will be entertained by the mixture of nature’s colors that change every so often. Almost every color you think of is found in these hot springs, yellow, red, blue, orange, green, you name it. This probably comes as a reward for overcoming and getting used to the foul-sulfur smell in the Danakil.

There is no other adventurous, thought-provoking, and challenging place to visit like the Danakil Depression. Make sure you bring your cameras so we can assure you that there is not a single memory of this trip that you will not want to take back home.

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