Chalbi Desert

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You can think of the Chalbi Desert as that remote yet so lovely arid tourist destination in Kenya. The desert is a fantastic getaway from what we are used to in the parks. Do not expect tarmac roads here, and don’t expect to be spoilt with choices of sleeping areas.

The acacia and palm-filled village of Maikona that is situated in the middle of the desert will mesmerize you with its original inhabitants who own numerous camels. Often, you will come across the Gabra people walking across the desert. You won’t miss the particular fascination resulting from the hot desert temperatures and frequent winds that pick up considerably in this part of Kenya.

Unique Things to Expect In the Chalbi Desert

The Gabra people

It is always very fascinating whenever you get to meet new people. But the Gabra people, who are the inhabitants of the Maikona village, are on a whole new level. They are so friendly, hospitable, and you will enjoy every second of watching as their camels so leisurely cross through the sandy desert paths.

Explore the sand dunes

These sand dunes are quickly drawing more tourists to Marsabit-Kenya. Africa Calling Safaris will take you through these less-beaten, hot, and dusty paths. This tourist destination has so many dunes, and racing on them will make you feel as though you are in a whole new world.


As night falls and the cold begins to fall, you will be set with a proper campfire that will provide you with the much-needed warmth and light. What’s more fun is that these campfires give enough heat for you to cook.


Lake Turkana, popular for being the largest permanent desert lake in the world, is also part of the Chalbi desert. You get to enjoy a thrilling swim along its shores. This desert lake is, however, not recommended for swimming, seeing as there are hippos and a lot of crocodiles. The fun does not stop there. There are a lot of other activities, including fishing and boat riding.

Wildlife and Oasis

The unproductive and desolate state of the desert does not stop a good range of animals from emerging. Every once in a while, you will spot a grevy’s zebra, Oryx, and ostriches strolling around. The spectacular oases towards the north are An excellent attraction site not just for an adventurous tourist but for sand grouse and different birds like the guinea fowls.

Gabra’s performance

one of the best ways to end your eventful day is by watching and getting involved in the incredible performance by the gabra people.

The Chalbi desert provides breathtaking sites that will amaze you through the lens of your camera. We recommend a safe trip with us through this exciting world.

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